February Special

The Soothing Summer Duo

Janesce Soothing Mist and Janesce Soothing Foot Cream

Special Pricing:   Retail $69.50      (Valued at $93.50)

Janesce Soothing Mist is the ideal mist for the summer months. It has a slightly lower pH than the other floral mists, helping to counteract the alkaline effect of perspiration and keeping your skin balanced and protected.

It also offers remedial benefits for skin challenged by sun and wind exposure, cooling and soothing your skin due to the aloe vera, calendula, lavender and nettle it contains.
Janesce Soothing Foot Care Cream is an ultra nourishing cream to care for dry, cracked skin. This rich cream is also suitable for the drier skin of the lower legs, knees and elbows. Best applied to damp skin to boost hydration.

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