Announcing a new concentrate - Soulutions Re-Energising Complex

Solutions Re-Energising Complex - Designed for women approaching the 40's and above, to bring vitality and balance to the skin.

Just been released....Janice Smith the creator of Janesce Skincare, has made a powerful new skin concentrate containing 10 plant extracts. Each of the plants included in this blend offer a special benefit to the skin:

Gingko biloba: Slowing down ageing effects of free radicals

Myrrh: Encouraging circulation

Ginseng: For oxygenation

Rose: Hydrating and soothing

Chamomile: Tissue strengthening and calming

Viola Tricolor: Soothing sensitivities

Lavender: Balancing the skin

Marshmallow: Softening

Also contains oats and liquid silk for a protective film on the skin, and essential oils Rose Geranium (pure love of self) and Rosewood (gently soothing anxieties)