Dehydrated Skin

One of the skin problems I see most regularly is a dehydrated skin, which leads to the skin feeling tight with fine lines, congestion, often redness around sides of nose and other sensitivities.

The first principle of Janesce Skin Care is protecting the skin mantle, often referred to as the acid mantle or lipid mantle.  This mantle is the protective film on top of your epidermis.  Think of it as having "plastic wrap" on the top of your epidermis.

There can be many reasons why this protective layer can be stripped off the skin, including the use of foaming/gel cleansers, soaps, and aggressive stripping of the skin using coarse exfoliation treatments.

When the skin is dehydrated it can't produce water, but will produce more oil (sebum) to protect the skin, which in turn results in an oily, dehydrated, congested skin.

The second principle of Janesce Skin Care is that the skin needs to be fully hydrated to function well.  To do this, we soak the skin using floral soaking drops in water, to directly hydrate the skin, then "lock in" that moisture with a floral mist or concentrate, and a concentrated moisturiser on top.

Next week, I will talk about the benefits of soaking your skin.

Have a great week.