Letter from the Janesce Gardener

I thought I would attach the letter from the gardener at Janesce in Adelaide where the beautiful Janesce products are created by hand...

Our roses this Summer have been harvested and even we are surprised at the size of them – they are so big!

We put a lot of care into the nutrition of the soil and Mother Nature has provided the added benefit of perfect growing conditions. We have had a bumper harvest this year.

Our calendula with its vibrant orange blooms, is in the final stages of drying in our exciting new drying facility.

With a higher rainfall than expected everything is thriving. The constant weeding is keeping us busy, but we know it is a sign of healthy soil. Even our compost heaps gained praise from the organic and biodynamic assessor who was auditing our farm for our certification this year. Strange to say, but we are proud of our compost heaps (if you are a gardener you will understand!)

The garden beds are full of Chamomile, Sage, Bellis perennis, Echinacea, Lemon Balm, Nettle, Rose Geranium, St Johns Wort, Marshmallow and summer Calendula. So between pickings and plantings, there is a constant cycle of activity.

Always planning for the seasons ahead we have covered our winter beds with pea straw mulch to encourage worm activity and keep them cool through the heat of summer.

Happy Gardening
The team at the Janesce farm