Winter Skin

Do you have dry skin?

This time of year can present a real challenge for dry or sensitive skins.  The contrast of cold winds and inside heating can dehydrate your skin, making it feel dry, tight and easily flushed. What more can you do for your skin other than smothering it with moisturiser during the cold months?

Many foods offer internal support for dry skins by supplying it with vital nutrients.  Foods that contain Essential Fatty Acids are amongst the most nourishing.  They provide your oil glands with healing lipids which, when secreted onto the skin, form a fine protective layer.  This keeps your skin soft and supple, much like having your own moisturiser.

Caring for your skin from the outside is also crucial.  Beware of harsh cleansers or the temptation to cleanse your skin too frequently.  This strips away your own natural protective lipid layer leaving your skin exposed and more inclined to dry out.  A gentle cleanse cleanse once a day is all that is necessary, preferably at night.  In the morning you may have some dust, perspiration and a trace of night products left on your skin.  All of which can be rinsed away with warm water and Janesce floral soaking drops, keeping your protective lipid layer intact, and hydrating your skin from the outside.

It is important that you use a good quality, protective day cream and an equally nourishing night cream.  I recommend the Janesce skincare range.  Janesce refrains from using any synthetic additives.  Instead it is based on high concentrates of plant extracts to cleanse, balance and hydrate your skin in the purest possible way.