Health Food for the Skin

Last month I talked about the benefits of the facial massage and to follow on from that, I wanted to talk about the ingredients in the products I use.

Using the Janesce Skin Solutions, a plant based organically grown skincare range, it gives your skin a burst of floral and herbal ingredients.

The varieties of the plants used in the Janesce range have been chosen because of their powerfully therapeutic effect. These plants are steeped for 3 months to create the potent ‘active’ extractions (without heat applied to the process) that separate Janesce from any other skin product. The harvest from the organically composted garden is used exclusively in Janesce products.

Nurturing the plants is as important as creating the cream base or lotion of the product. 

To ensure the skin-loving herbs and flowers that make up the Janesce range remain free of harmful pesticides and additives, they are grown organically on Claret Ash Farm, a property located in an unpolluted area of South Australia, high in the Adelaide hills.

The dry conditions and high sunshine hours common in this part of Australia produce herbs and flowers with a high level of actives. The soil is nourished to ensure the plants contain all the nutrients required to treat the skin. To further ensure the effectiveness of the Janesce range, the whole plant infusion is used, capturing both the water and oil soluble properties of the plant for a more complete action.


“Health food for the skin” is our priority.


By kind permission: Janine Tait -  Janine Tait Group - Janesce NZ